This is the capstone course in which students will produce a paper critically reviewing relevant literature and develop an educationally based program or design a research project relevant to their profession or field of interest. In addition the student will evaluate their self-development by reviewing their journal begun in HH501 and continued throughout the program.

This course may be taken after the completion of twenty-one core course credits that must include HH530.

Designed to define basic concepts of the mind-body connection, the innate healing potential of humor, ancient and current approaches toward healing, and the relationship between humor and health.

Examines both the Western perspective of the structure and function of the organs and systems in the human body and the Eastern perspective that emphasizes the interrelationship of the internal organs to overall health of body, mind and spirit. This course is a prerequisite for all other courses in the program. Students will begin a journal in this course and continue to document their master's degree experience throughout the program.